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Questions and Answers about “On His Blindness” by John Milton

Top Questions and Answers about the Poem “On His Blindness”:-

How does Milton make up his mind to serve his maker in his sonnet “On His Blindness”? Analysis of the Sonnet "On His Blindness":

Milton’s “On His Blindness” is a famous autobiographical sonnet. The sonnet records the poet’s agony on his becoming blind but it ends on a note of reconcilement.
When God gives us some talent, it is our duty to use it effectively so that it increases and multiplies. It is a sin to hide one’s talent and not use it. Milton says that god has given him talent to write and express profound thoughts. And it would be wrong not to use his talent through creative enveavours, but unfortunately he has become blind. God has taken away his vision. Light denies to him, and he is plunged in profound darkness. The how can he do the job that he is expected to do. One way to serve God is to use the talent God has given him. Bur this he can not be because he is now blind. So the poet feels and agony of helplessness.

But then patience personified gives him consolation. He realises that Good needs neither man’s work nor utilisation of his gifts. All that he expects is a complete surrender to his will, a readiness to serve him. The poet is like angel who patiently waits for god’s command.

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