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Top Questions and Answers about On His Blindness by Milton

Study Guide and Top Questions and Answers about the poem “On His Blindness” by John Milton:-

Question: When did Milton lose his eyesight?
Answer: Milton lost his eyesight completely in 1652. As early as 1644, the light of the earth was fast leaving him and the left eye became blind in 1650.

Question: Whose blindness does the poem refer?
Answer: The poem refers to the poet’s (i.e. Milton’s) blindness.

Question: How does Milton console himself at the end of the poem?
Answer: After suffering immensely Milton al last gets some hope. He console himself by saying that the best way to serve God is to obey Him by patiently carrying out His orders.

Question: What is the Parable that has been referred to here?
Answer: The Parable of “talent” is being referred to here.

Question: What does the poet mean by “light”?
Answer: “Light” means the light of the eye. It means eyesight. In the poem “On His Blindness” eyesight is compared to light.

Question: How does Milton compare himself through the word talent?
Answer: Milton thinks that he is like the third servant of the parable of Talents who kept his one talent (gold coin) hidden in the earth. He did not use his talent (poetic gift).

Question: “Which is death to hide”
What is death to hide?
Answer: Milton cannot use his one talent (poetic gift given to him by God). It is death not to use it. The third servant in the Parable of Talents hides the one talent given him by his master. The master threw him into outer darkness. Similarly, Milton would suffer spiritual death for his inability to use his poetic gift due to blindness.

Question: Why Milton laments his blindness?
Answer: Milton laments his blindness because he cannot us e his poetic gift given to him by God. He cannot serve God.

Question: Who is the maker? How does Milton wish to serve the maker?
Answer: God is the maker. Milton wishes to serve his God by using his poetic gift.

Question: Doth God exact day-labour-
What does the poet mean by ‘day-labour’?
Answer: Day-labour meant labour done in daylight.

Question: What is Milton’s question to God?
Answer: Milton asks if God would demand active service from him when he has denied the light of the eye o him.

Question: How can one serve God best?
Answer: One can serve God best by willing submission to the will of god and to God’s gentle rule.

Question: Who are the thousands who work at God’s bidding?
Answer: God have many angels who are His ministers. God through these ministers rules the universe. The sun, the moon rise daily and move in the sky at His bidding.

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