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The Cloud by Shelley Poem Summary and Analysis

Summary and Analysis of the poem “The Cloud” by Percy Bysshe Shelley:

The cloud brings refreshing showers for flowers that dry up in warm sunshine. It brings rain for them from the rivers and the oceans. It protects the leaves from being dried up at hot noontime by throwing a pleasant shade over them.

In the early morning hours dew-drops fall from the cloud to awaken the buds from sleep that is, help the blooming flowers open up their petals. It sends down hailstorms on the green earth to make it look white. Then in melts into rainwater to turn the white earth into green again.

The cloud is the daughter of earth and water. The sky nurses it. The cloud has no death or decay. For after it has melted into rainwater, the rains drops mix with the water of the seas and rivers. The water of the seas and rivers soon evaporates into the burning heat of the sun, and the water vapours go up to the sky, condense there and form the cloud again. This process goes on in a cyclic order.

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