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The Cloud By Shelley Test Questions Answers

Top Questions And Answers About the poem "The Cloud" By P B Shelley:

Describe the different activities of the cloud in the sky.

The cloud narrates its activities in the sky. It brings refreshing rainwater for the thirsty flowers and makes them look fresh. At noon it throws a present shade over the leaves. It showers dew-drops on the buds to help them to bloom. During hailstorm it throws ice stones on the ground below. As the cloud melts into rainwater, these hailstorms also dissolve and the fields get back their green colour. The cloud disappears with lightening and roar of thunder.
After the shower of rain, the sky becomes cloudless again. It appears that the cloud is dead. But the cloud has no death or decay. Soon it grows up out of the vapours rising from the seas and the rivers and fills up the sky.

Why doe the cloud say that it changes but never dies?

The cloud grows out of the water vapours rising from the seas an the rivers. It floats and sails in the sky. As it comes into contact with cool air in the sky, it melts into rain water. It showers dew-drops on the earth.
Again the cloud falls down below as raindrops. The sky becomes clear and blue again. It is wrongly thought then that the cloud is dead. The burning heat of the sun again evaporates sea-water. Water vapours again rise up and form the clod. The cloud changes from water to vapour, from vapour to cloud, from cloud to rain-water, and the same process continues in cyclic order for ever.

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