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Crossing The Bar by Alfred Lord Tennyson Summary Analysis

Analysis of the poem “Crossing The Bar” by Lord Alfred Tennyson:

The poet hears the clear call of death. He is awaiting death. Death is a happy journey from the limited world to the boundless unknown. It is crossing the bar to sail across the vast unknown sea. The poet will set sail at sunset. Then there will be the full tide without sound. He will have a smooth sailing to the other world. After evening, darkness will come down. The poet will be born far out of the limited world. But he will have no fear as he hopes to meet his pilot-his Devine Guide-face to face.

Allegorical Meaning of the poem “Crossing The Bar”:

The allegorical meaning of “bar” is the barrier between life and death. A dying man has to cross this bar to reach the other world. It is the unknown sea. Hence the title, “Crossing the Bar, signifies meeting death. The poet will also meet death after crossing the bar to meet his pilot, his Devine Guide-face to face.

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