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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Questions and Answers Explanations

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Questions and Answers Explanations:-

What impression of the Roman mob do you form the Forum Scene in Julius Caesar?
What opinion do you form of the Roman mob from Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar”?

In Act-III Scene-II we find the Roman mob murderously setting out in search of the conspirators. When Brutus told the mob that yet inspite of his love and respect for Caesar, he had to kill Caesar, the dictator in the interest of the republic to save Rome. Some citizens shouted in praise of Brutus. One of them wanted Brutus to be Caesar. This shows the Roman mob did not imbibe the spirit of Brutus’s speech. Brutus thought that he has convinced them of the necessity of the Caesar’s murder, but he was mistaken.
When Antony began his speech the mob was rather hostile to him. Antony told the mob that he had come not to praise Caesar but to burry him. Then Antony refuted Brutus’s charge that Caesar was ambitious. Some of the citizens were now sure that Caesar was not ambitious. They thought that no man was nobler than Antony. There is no doubt about the ficklemindness of Roman mob. A clever like Antony could easily make fool the mob. Antony showed them Caesar’s Will but refused to read it our. Then he showed them Caesar’s deadbody to exite their pity for Caesar that Brutus whom they had praised a few minutes ago was now regarded by them traitor. Antony knew quite well that the Roman people were fickle minded and emotional. Antony read out the Will and the Roman people came to know that Caesar had given them money and his bowers and orchards. Now the Roman mob was so grateful to Caesar that Brutus and his confederates were now denounced by them traitors. The Roman mob was governed by passions, not reasons. So Antony could show the mob in whatever direction he pleased. The Roman people were so much besides themselves with passions, so irrational that Cinna, the poet was killed by them simply because there was a conspirator named Cinna.

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