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The Rising of the Moon Character Analysis of the Sergeant

Character Analysis of the Sergeant in “The Rising of the Moon”
Sketch the character of the Sergeant as you find him in the one-act play “The Rising of the Moon” by Lady Gregory.

The Sergeant is the second important character in Lady Gregory’s one act play “The Rising of the Moon”. He remains on the stage throughout the play and grips the attention of the audience. From the psychological point of view, he is a fascinating character.
The Sergeant is an Irish man who accepted the job of a policeman and his duty requires him to against his own Country. He is a married man with a family to support. At the beginning of the play we find him in want of money. He is eager to get the reward of 100 pounds by arresting the Irish revolutionary. But is his youth, his only dream was to attain Ireland’s freedom. But he is now a loyal police officer of the foreign British Government. He helps to maintain ‘law and orders’ in the interest of this Government. He says that the whole country depends on us to keep law and order. He is keen on arresting the rebel leader even at the risk of his own life.
This trend in the character of the Sergeant under goes a slow change. As soon as the Ragged man appears on the stage, a conflict starts within the mind of the police officer. The Ragged man is mare courageous and intelligent than the Sergeant. The patriotic songs and words of the Ragged man rouse patriotism in the mind of the Sergeant. He is reminded of his young days when his only dream was to free Ireland from the shackles of the foreign rule. He has now divided his own self-his loyalty to the British Government and to his Country. It is his duty as a police officer to arrest a revolutionary. As an Irish man it is also his duty to help the Irish patriots. At the end of the play the Sergeant could not have arrested a rebel leader with the help of the two police man. But far from doing that he actively arranges for his escape in a boat. Thus he sacrifices his reward and a sure chance of promotion.
The Sergeant is mare intelligent than the tow police man. But his less intelligent than the Ragged man. The Sergeant is essentially good natured and true patriot. At the end of the play, he is easily transformed from a police officer to a patriot. After helping the revolutionary leader to escape and thus loosing a 100 pounds he asked himself “I wonder, now, am I as great a fool as I think I am?”
Perhaps from a worldly point of view he has been foolish; but in his heart of the hearts he realizes that he is no fool but a great patriot. It is a great sacrifice indeed on his part.

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