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To a Skylark by Percy Bysshe Shelley Summary and Analysis Study Guide

Summary, Analysis and Study Guide of the poem To a Skylark:-

What according to Shelley is the source of the Skylark’s joy? Why does he say that man can never come near the Skylark’s happiness?

Shelley says that the Skylark’s song is sweeter than marriage songs or songs in praise of love, wine or victory. The Skylark’s song has a divine quality.
The poet does not know hot the Skylark can sing such beautiful and sweet song. It may be it has been inspired by its love of nature. The bird constantly moves about in the midst of the beautiful fields and mountains, lakes and hills. It may be that it has been inspired by its love for other birds. The bird does not know anything about human pains and sufferings. The bird also loves. But its love is free from all troubles. The Skylark has true and deep knowledge of death.

Man finds joy in love. The Skylark also finds joy in love. But man becomes sad and tired of love when he enjoys it for a long time. The bird does not know love’s sad satiety. Man is unhappy because man thinks of the past and the future. He is never satisfied with his Lord. Man desires things that he can never get. Man can not laugh sincerely. Generally, the sweetest songs of the man are based on saddest thought. Even if man could conquer pride, hate and fear, he could not be as happy as the Skylark.

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