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PACKING by Jerome K. Jerome Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers and Study Guide on ''Packing'' by Jerome K. Jerome:-

Narrate in brief Montmorency’s habits and activities.
Montmorency is the author’s pet-dog with ill-habits. He disturbed George and Harris in their job of packing. He sat on things to be packed. He put his leg into Jam. He bit and shook the spoons and spoiled three lemons. He made Harris and George stumble over him. This mischievous nature of Montmorency is in-born. So Harris gave him (dog) a hard blow with a frying pan.

“I lived with a man once who used to make me mad that way”.---What did the man do or say to make Jerome K. Jerome mad ?
Once Jerome K. Jerome lived with a man. The man used to loll on the sofa and watch Jerome working about alone for hours together. His eyes pursued Jerome all the time while he worked. The idle man talked tall that life was not an idle dream but a great task, full of duty and hard work. He also said that he often wondered how he could have survived before he met the author, In this way the idle man made Jerome mad.

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