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TECHNOLOGY FOR MANKIND by J Bronowski Questions and Answers

TECHNOLOGY FOR MANKIND by J Bronowski Questions and Answers:-

How does Bronowski show that pure science and technology are not independent fields of study?

 Technology develops on a scientific understanding of the working of nature. Pure science and technology, too, are closely linked. Agriculture cannot prosper without the study of genetics. Research in chemistry helps in making light metals. Automation is not possible without the study of physics, logic of control systems and electronic devices.

“Modern civilization is built on the use of Machines in this way”. What is ‘the way’ referred to here? How, after Bronowski does civilization advanced?

In his essay ‘Technology for Mankind’ Bronowski says that the tools of the past are made to in modern times. That is how we got the birth of machines. The tool hammer is made into a trip hammer.
          After Bronowski, man invented a thing like a plough or a boomerang or a wheel or a hut out of necessity. When he wanted to make those things strong and durable, civilization gradually made on from stone to bronze to iron to the light metals of the day.

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