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The Owl by Edward Thomas Question and Answer Sammary

The Owl by Edward Thomas Question and Answer Sammary:

Describe after Edward Thomas, the situation in which the poet heard an owl’s cry. Do you think the poet refers to the owl’s song with a purpose? If so, what is that purpose?

It was a winter night at a hilly area. The Poet of The Owl had a tiring down-hill journey against the north wind. He had had neither any food nor rest. However he put up in a foothill inn for the chilly night. He had food, fire and rest there. Suddenly an Owl’s ‘most melancholy cry’ got into his inn. And at once his refreshing and tasteful food and rest at the inn was made temperate by the owl’s sad cry.
          The poet refers to the Owl’s cry with a purpose. And that is the message of the poet. The poet considers the owl to be a typical spokesman of the deprived and the destitute. By its sad hooting, the owl tells the tale of suffering and sorrows of the poor and the down-trodden and the soldiers. The Owl’s cry gives us a message that only a world free from war and sorrow can ensure permanent peace and prosperity in this world. An individual may escape his/her sorrows but that will not save the multitude in distress.

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