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THE SOLITARY REAPER by William Wordsworth Top Questions Answers

Top Questions and Answers about the poem “The Solitary reaper” by William Wordsworth:

Describe, after Wordsworth, the singer and the scene and her song. What attitude of the poet to nature is revealed in the poem?

While walking down a Scotland valley, Wordsworth beholds a Highland lass. She was along in the vast valley. Bending over her sickle, she was cutting grains and making sheaves. She was singing while reaping. Her sad strain appeared to him sweeter than the melodies of a Cuckoo or a Nightingale. He thought she sang about some unhappy events of the past or the present. Her sad tune was so sweet that the poet listened to it “motionless and still”. He thought her song was an eternal music of humanity. The Solitary Reaper tells much about Wordsworth's attitude to nature. It shows that he was a Poet of hill and valley, seas and sands, cuckoo and nightingale, song, solitude and sadness. His fond for bucolic beauty is also manifesting the lyric. The title nicely reflects the spirit of it.

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