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Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Questions and Answers, Effect of Speech of Brutus

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare Questions and Answers, Summary and Effect of Speech of Brutus:- 

Give the substance of funeral speech delivered by Brutus in the forum. What was its effect on the Roman mob?

After the murder of Caesar, the people of Rome become very excited. They demand an explanation from the conspirators for the murder of Caesar. Brutus gives “public reason” for the murder of Caesar. He appeals to the reason of the common people. He tells them that Caesar was murdered for the good of Romans. He killed Caesar for the protection of Roman liberty. Brutus tells the mob that he killed Caesar less but because he loved Rome more. He had no ill feeling against Caesar. He admired Caesar for his leadership and great power. He honoured him for his courage and wisdom. He killed Caesar because he grew ambitious and wanted to make the people of Rome his slaves.
At first the speech of Brutus exercises a great influence on the Roman mob. The common people are superficially touched by Brutus’s patriotic sentiment. In fact, the “public reason” given by Brutus at first draws the Romans completely to his side. But the Roman people do not understand the real stand of Brutus. They do not know what liberty or patriotism is. They miss the main point of his speech. They want him to be another Caesar. This shows that the effect of speech of Brutus on the common people is temporary. When Antony speaks to the common people, they changed and at once call Brutus a traitor.

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