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The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory Justification of the Title

The Rising of the Moon by Lady Gregory Justification of the Title.

Is the title of the play “The Rising of the Moon” justified?

The Title of the “Rising of the Moon”

Generally the title of work of art is the cream of it’s content. A title which runs parallel with the theme is called an appropriate title. “The Rising of the Moon” is not an exception to it. In fact the title is highly suggestive of the sub-matter of the play.
The word ‘Rising’ is suggestive word. It suggests the elevation from one stage to another.
Let us briefly analise the background of the play. The Ireland was being ruled over by the British Government. The Irish people had been persecuted by the British Government. When the persecution became unbearable the people of Ireland raised their voices and started a movement of their motherland. The Irish people wanted to deny the British rulers and to make Ireland free.
The word ‘Moon’ is also a suggestive word. The soothing rays of the moon cast on Earth, bring forth an environment free from irritation. The atmosphere of Ireland was vitiated by the renting of the British rulers. With the departure of the British rulers from the soil of Ireland, the unrest will be out and peace will be pervading in the air of Ireland.
So the expression “The Rising of the Moon” suggests the end of the British persecution. Freedom is going to take the place of bondage, independence to dependence. Hence title of the play is apt and appropriate, just and justified.

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